Certaspace Frequently Asked Questions.

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Why is my Virtual Machine unreachable?
What are the CertaSpace Nameservers?
  • The CertaSpace Nameservers are ns1.certa.space and ns2.certa.space.

I already have a domain name registered, can I still host with Certaspace?
  • Yes, you have to log into your Domain Registrar's client account and update your nameservers to ns1.certa.space and ns2.certa.space

How can I access my Cpanel?
  • You can access your Cpanel by visiting your-domain-name.tld/cpanel where tld is either .com, .com.ng, .net, .edu.ng, .co, .org etc.

How can I access my webmail?
  • You can access your webmail by visiting your-domain-name.tld/webmail where tld is either .com, .com.ng, .net, .edu.ng, .co, .org etc.

Can I configure my webmail on my Android device mail client?
Can I transfer my domain name to CertaSpace?
What Applications/CMS/Blogs can I use on CertaSpace?