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02/26/2018 8.00 pm
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All engineering team aim to be productive. This is the reason why language frameworks exists; to speed up the time taken to deliver a feature or product. The developers behind these frameworks Ruby on Rails or Php Laravel have expressed this notion and helped their community to work faster by preferring convention over configuration.

But a lot of time is still spent on configuring the development and staging environment. This warranted solutions such as virtual machines and containers like Docker. Devop engineers have had a hard time battling and ensuring that development environment match one-to-one with the production environment, so as to measure and test behaviour of the system before users access them. While this is good, there is a better and easier solution.

If you were a Php developer (language doesn’t matter here) and you use CakePhp for development, wouldn’t it be easier to get a environment that comes pre-installed with your framework’s development version? That would save you ton of time in configuration your production server and shoot the productivity of your team high into the heavens. Now you can focus on building the product.

CertaSpace offers an array of Linux containers that help you and your team achieve this. You can find various Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS. The choice is yours. You can combine any of these distros with your favorite language framework. So would you like to have Ubuntu + Django?  Or Debian + NodeJs. You can even decide to combine CentOs with Laravel.


Some of the Linux containers available for hosting your server.

You can select any combination that suits your need by clicking on “Order Now.” And you will be taken to a page where you can select the specification of the system  you want. You just need to select based on the traffic you will be expecting on the site.


You can select the architecture you want.

Once you have it ready, you will need to attach your domain. If you haven’t bought yours then head to our home page, CertaSpace.com , then come  back to this article once you are done. You could also transfer your domain from other vendors. You should read the condition attached to the option you must have selected because it may warrant additional charges.


Select the option that suits you and input your domain name.

On selection your option, you get taken to a page where you can configure the disk space and other options on your server. The payment for the container is flexible, you can decide to pay 2,000 naira monthly or 24, 000 annually. Ensure you set your name server (ns1 and ns2) prefix because the system won’t allow you proceed until that is settled. After configuration, you can click on “Continue” to complete your payment process and start focusing on building the next Facebook scalably.


To ensure that you have selected and configured your system correctly, we have provided a measure that allows you to review your order and check that all is well. It is also at this point that you can attach your promo code if you have one; we are really interested in your success.

In addition, you can contact the support team on our page, CertaSpace, if you have any issues or questions you need to be resolved.


You are just some few steps away from exponentially improving the productivity of you and your  team. And our team have made it easy, by providing multiple payment channels, for you. We know you want to use OTP or Bank USSD’s to transfer and we have allowed you to do that. In fact we recommend you doing that. But if that doesn’t work, we have implemented  PayStack so you can from anywhere in the world.


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