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06/04/2018 8.00 pm
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After all the troubles of courtship and dating, your man has finally proposed. You were wondering what was taking him so long in the first place. But now you worry no more, the family of the groom and the bride have sat down, and the D-day has been chosen. That day is going to bubble. Everybody must hear. Your friends from school, your colleagues at work. Even the masai that sells you Indomie at the dead of the night will be invited, he has to know that your money will now be channelled to the pot of stew at home.

People are waiting for your next move.

The woman across the street is already thinking you are not going to invite her because she didn’t invite you to her daughter’s wedding. Your landlord is not left out, he his waiting to see how much you will spend that day so he knows how to  increase the rent accordingly. Do you remember Temi, that guy you dumped 3 years ago? He has heard and wants to come witness your graceness. You know you are the biggest girl in town now. Your wedding will be featured on the biggest social blogs in Nigeria like Wedding Feferity, Bella Naija, Linda Ikeji.


Our aunties are waiting.

We must not forget those aunties you have been avoiding because they keep asking you when you will get married. Like aunty can you leave me alone, I will get married when I want to get married! Now that the day has been chosen, they must be invited. In fact their round-table will be in front of the emcee. So they can see everything and tell everybody in the village who couldn’t make it how grandeur your wedding is.

I am sure you will have a personal list of people to be invited. How do we ensure everybody is informed and that the invitation goes round?

Let us at CertaSpace solve this delicate problem for you.


Credit : OneDot

You see everyone these days everyone has a phone, even our people in the village - you know what I mean? Our mothers and aunties use WhatsApp and Facebook, why not send them information to your wedding on their device too.

Certaspace is dedicated to helping put brands and events on the internet with our web hosting packages, domain registration, and software development arm. So we offer everything you need to put your event on the internet at a go.

Below are few things you need to make the day perfect.

Before the D-day


Pre-wedding photo shoot for Lillian and Franklin

Before the wedding day, you must have gone for your pre-wedding photo shoot. People need to see how cordial the newest couple in town are. How do you share these images? On your personal Facebook page? But that day is not just for you, it is about you and your spouse. So you need a space dedicated to both of you.

As people are going through the images, they want to know the venue of event, the date of the event, the dress code to be adorned. They may even what to know what food will be served. All these information should be in one place.

The value of building a website for your wedding in this age can not be overemphasized. If there is need to change venue of the event at the last minute, it would be a logistical nightmare to have to call everyone and pass this message across.

Before you have your invitation card printed, build a website and put it in. Your website does not replace your invitation card, it serves to compliment it. On the invitation card, you will tell people to visit it for further information.

Once your website is up, if you need to pass information on change of dress code, all you have to do is update.


Let it not be heard that you did not invite the brothers in your street.

“Aunty, you got married without inviting us?”

To invite the people on your street, you don’t need an invitation for everyone one of them. Just print a banner and place it in front your house, with the website on it. Then ask anyone who want to attend to visit the website and download an invitation card.

On the D-day


People coming from other states and far regions will have to keep calling you for directions. “Okay, I am at the bus stop now, which bus should I take next?” With all the things you have to handle - like food, souvenirs - giving direction to everybody that calls you is a big distraction you can not afford.

Because you have planned your wedding to be hassle free, all you have to do is tell everybody to visit your website. Your website will have a map that directs people to your venue. And you will see everyone arriving as if they reside in that locality.

If you have a sitting arrangement for that day, then put it on your website too. One way to do it is by color code. If you are from this family, sit down by this chairs with blue decorations. Even if you haven’t seen your uncle in 15 years, he will be able to locate the chair reserved for him without having to call on you.

Also, you can list out the order of the day - what event will take place and at what time. Where the traditional wedding will be, the religious ceremony and the reception. People can just scroll through their phone to confirm the next event to happen.

After the D-day


Credit : OneDot Photography

After the wedding ceremony, people will go back to their homes. And you will be tired. But you still need to appreciate them for coming to celebrate one of the happiest moment of your life with you. “Thank you.” You may not remember everybody at once, but a simple thank you message on your official couple’s page will go a long way. People will know you have them at heart.

One more thing. Have you gone to a wedding where the photographer employed took a lot of photos and he makes an album out it? A decade down the line, the films of the picture begin to spoil and memories are forgotten. But memories need not be forgotten. You can turn your website into a living digital album? Tell the photographer to upload the digital copy online, to your website, and it will live there eternally. Nothing is going to touch it.

Announcing your pregnancy | Naming ceremony

When it comes to time to welcome a new member of the family. You can share the good news with your friends and family by uploading images of the ultrasound scans, stories of cravings and back pain (and pictures and video of the actual birth if you must). Then, after the birth, use the site as a scrapbook for all of the baby pictures you intend to embarrass your children with later in life.

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